Oss Garage: Peaky Blinders Buildout

Fred Oss

collaboration with Mission Construction

Turning a standard double unit storage garage into a man cave and collector’s space is no easy task. With Mission Construction at the head of the build, we creatively designed the space, with elements nodding towards the Industrial Age.


We lovingly call this project the “Peaky Blinders” garage, as the time period of the show inspires the aged look of the space. This inspiration comes through in the brick walls, faux concrete pillars, rusty tin, stained wood, and dark color scheme. The brick windows create a feeling of being replaced after the main brick walls were built. A custom mural with a nod to the client’s family history shows on one side of the place. Custom paint creates the appearance of soot and dust seeping into the brick walls and settling like it would in a factory setting.

lighted display cases with hockey jerseys

Buildout in progress, Winter 2022 - 2023

Before the build, October 2022